Introduction to life insurance calculations

Welcome to Ciudad Vida Buena

Life is good in the city Ciudad Vida Buena, for as long as it lasts and that is often not that long.

Ciudad Vida Buena's main source of economy is a gold mine atracting people from all around, who work there hoping for the big one, so they do not have to work anymore ever again in their lives. Every gold digger is a self employed person, there is no monopoly on the gold mining activity here yet.

Due to specific environmental, social and economic circumstances, life expectancy is measured in months instead of years.

The main influences on life expectancy:
The force of nature's elements in particular a chilling cold wind that freezes to the bone, meat eating ants, alcohol abuse, silly brawling, drowning in mud slides, vulcanic activity, ritual sacrifices, cannibal season and winter gloom that affects the mind causing depression.

The upside: food and water and beer are of good quality, few epidemics of viruses except for the blue flue, working conditions and safety are very good so there are very few accidents, payment and benefits are good, nice people, men and women get along fine, hardly any crime, few drugs besides alcohol, no tornadoes and people do not smoke that much nowadays so it's effects are limited.

The data in the life table presented below can be used for life insurance calculations.
(deterministic life table)

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